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 Neela-Wahn in Chakwal

Neela-Wahn Chakwal

Neela is an Urdu word that means "blue," and "Wahn" means "pond." So, the name of the place fits with what it has to offer. Locals call it Chashma Aab-e-Hayat because the water is clear and blue, which is a sign of purity. It is known for its saltwater lake, peacocks, and natural gardens. Rawalpindi is 125 kilometers away. Neela Wahn is full of natural waterfalls and freshwater streams. It's the perfect place for hiking and camping. The trip to Neela Wahn is great for people who want to try something new and for people who want to get away from the noise of the city.

Samsons Resort Malam Jabba in Swat

Samsons Resort Malam Jabba Swat

Malam Jabba is a Hill Station and ski resort in the Hindu Kush mountain range nearly 40 km from Saidu Sharif in Swat Valley, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan. It is 314 km from Islamabad and 51 km from Saidu Sharif Airport.

Katpana Cold Desert in Skardu

Katpana Cold Desert Skardu
Gilgit Baltistan

In the desert, there are big sand dunes that sometimes get snow on them in the winter. The Cold Desert is one of the highest deserts in the world because it is 2,226 meters above sea level. Although the desert geographically extends from the Khaplu Valley all the way to Nubra in the region of Ladakh that is under the administration of India, the largest areas of the actual desert area are located in the Shigar Valley and Skardu, both of which are under the administration of Pakistan. However, near the Skardu Airport is the part of the desert that receives the most tourist traffic.

 Swaik Lake in Chakwal

Swaik Lake Chakwal

Swaik Lake (also known as Khandowa Lake). It is a well-known destination for vacationers, and it provides options for swimming and water sports. In addition, the lake features a waterfall in its surroundings. It is commonly known as Neela Pani. Its entire surface is composed of the highest and most breathtaking mountains, cliffs, and rocks, creating an outstanding, shallow body of water. The ideal time to explore the area is during the day, but there are few shops and rest breaks nearby, so be sure to bring enough food, water, and medications. It is essential for newcomers to exercise caution, especially when camping near these places.

Mubarak Haveli in Lahore

Mubarak Haveli Lahore

This is one of Lahore’s oldest and historically fascinating Havelis. Getting permission to visit this location is quite difficult. Because the haveli now turned into Imam-Bargah. There is the threat of bomb blast so the owners are over-cautious particularly for tourists). The Mughal art and culture are reflected in the haveli's architectural style. The courtyards' large and broad wooden doors and pillars are a manifestation of past glory. The kankar limestone works illustrate the Mughals' and Sikhs' devotion to art and traditional culture, as well as their diversity.

Changla  Gali, Abbottaabad in Nathiagali

Changla Gali, Abbottaabad Nathiagali

Changla Gali is a mountain resort town in Pakistan's Galyat region, and it is one of the country's most popular tourist destinations. It is located at an elevation of 2804 meters. While it was in British control, it served as the headquarters of the Northern Command School of Musketry. Resorts Changla Gali offers 4-star accommodations with individual balconies in the heart of the city.

Omer Hayat Palace in Chiniot

Omer Hayat Palace Chiniot

The Omer Hayat Palace is a wooden architectural marvel of Chiniot Pakistan from the 19th century. It is also called Gulzar Mahal. Umer Hayat Palace is one of Pakistan's most renowned "mahals" and stands majestically in the city's center. Sheikh Umer Hayat- a prosperous merchant, decided in 1923 to build a palace for his son, for which he recruited renowned artisans who labored day and night to complete the palace. The building's front is embellished with a beautiful inlay of bricks, giving it a look that is reminiscent of Mughal architecture. It looks even more beautiful because of the way the marble shines and how nice the inside is.

Shrine Baba Bulleh Shah in Kasur

Shrine Baba Bulleh Shah Kasur

The real name of the Sofi saint was Abdullah. Later on, the said name was converted to Bulla and due to publicity of his poetry, he has been known as Baba Bulley Shah. His actual date of birth and death in various books cannot be treated as authentic. However, Mr. Charles Fradilt Asboran in his book Bulley Shah has recorded his date of birth as 1680 and date of death as 1775, He was born in Uch Gillanian district Bahawalpur. He got his religious education from Hafiz Ghulam Murtaza Kasuri who also taught Syed Waris Shah, author of the Punjabi master-piece Heer. The Shrine of Bulley Shah is situated in the center of Kasur city. His annual Urs (Ceremony) is held from the 10th to the 12th of Bhadon (The last week of August).

Sunday Baz in Islamabad

Sunday Baz Islamabad

This market, known as Sunday or Itwar Bazaar, is accessible on other days of the week too. Although the one in Sector G-11 is the most prominent, other bazaars can be found in various parts of Islamabad. These markets, which are frequently open on Tuesdays and Fridays, offer everything i.e. clothing, fresh food, tech items, and more. As a foreign visitor who wants to visit Islamabad and its bazaars, you should be aware that bargaining is common in Pakistani street markets, and while some simple negotiating methods can help you get a decent price, it is recommended that you have a trusted local with you on your shopping trip.

Haveli Of Nau Nihal Singh  in Lahore

Haveli Of Nau Nihal Singh Lahore

Dating from the Sikh era of the mid-19th century, the haveli is considered to be one of the finest examples of Sikh architecture in Lahore. It’s the only Sikh-era haveli that preserves its original ornamentation and architecture. The structure consists of four floors plus a basement. The fourth floor consists of a tiny chamber known as Rang Mahal ("Color palace"), or Sheesh Mahal ("Mirror palace"), with huge screens forming a breeze-catching zone. The remaining stories were constructed with high ceilings in order to enhance the structure's height and create the impression of a fortress rather than a private dwelling.

Frere Hall in Karachi

Frere Hall Karachi

Frere Hall is without a doubt one of the top Karachi attractions. Frere Hall is a structure in Karachi, Pakistan that goes back to the early British colonial period in Sindh. The structure was completed in 1895 and once served as the city hall. Since its partition, it has been utilized as a gallery and library. Frere Hall is accessible to the public, but on Sundays, its courts host a book fair where several retailers and peddlers offer inexpensive books. If you are an avid reader, you should visit this place. This location offers easy access to literary gems.

Pakistan National Council Of Arts in Islamabad

Pakistan National Council Of Arts Islamabad

The fact that the Pakistan National Council of Arts was the country's first national art gallery should be motivation enough for anyone to pay them a visit. Therefore, it is an exceptionally unique location. The art institution, which first welcomed visitors in 2007, comprises a total of 14 galleries that display works created by local artists. These galleries are open to the general public. This location frequently plays host to a variety of events, some of which include musical concerts and dances, in addition to hosting art exhibitions.

Peshawar Museum in Peshawar

Peshawar Museum Peshawar

The Peshawar Museum was founded in 1907 as "Victoria Hall," in memory of Queen Victoria. The two-story building was built in a syncretic architectural style consisting of British, Hindu, Buddhist and Mughal Islamic styles. The museum initially had only one exhibition hall, but two more were added in 1969–70. In 2004–05, the museum was further expanded with the construction of a new block with two galleries, two halls for the museum's collection in storage, offices for the provincial directorate of archaeology, a conservation laboratory and a cafeteria. The historic exhibition hall was also renovated at that time.

Shangrila Resort Skardu in Skardu

Shangrila Resort Skardu Skardu
Gilgit Baltistan

Shangrila was established in 1983 with the opening of the first Resort Hotel in Skardu, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. Shangrila Resort Hotel was founded by the late Muhammad Aslam Khan Afridi, the first commander of the Northern Scouts of the Pakistan Army. The resort is known for its restaurant that is built on the fuselage of an aircraft that had crashed nearby. Shangrila was named after a book titled Lost Horizon by James Hilton. In the novel, the author narrates a tale in which an airplane crash landed near a riverbed, in the early 1920s. The surviving passengers came across some Buddhist monks from a nearby temple and sought their help. They were taken to a beautiful lamasery filled with a variety of fruits and flowers.

Fareed Gate in Bahawalpur

Fareed Gate Bahawalpur

Bahawalpur was historically a walled city with seven gates, and Farid Gate is one of the only gates that is still standing. It is one of the major landmarks of the city. Conservation efforts are underway to preserve it and the surrounding areas to their former glory. Now you can buy everything regarding your daily life uses, from the Fareed gate. The food street is also present in the entering of the Gate and most probably available at night. So you have to go there and make your time most rememberable.

Shalimar Bagh in Lahore

Shalimar Bagh Lahore

The Shalimar Gardens Shālāmār Bāgh are a Mughal garden complex located in Lahore, capital of the Pakistani province of Punjab. The gardens date from the period when the Mughal Empire was at its artistic and aesthetic zenith, and are now one of Pakistan's most popular tourist destinations. The Shalimar Gardens were laid out as a Persian paradise garden intended to create a representation of an earthly utopia in which humans co-exist in perfect harmony with all elements of nature. Construction of the gardens began in 1641 during the reign of Emperor Shah Jahan and was completed in 1642. In 1981 the Shalimar Gardens were inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as they embody Mughal garden design at the apogee of its development.

Pakistan Air Force Museum in Karachi

Pakistan Air Force Museum Karachi

The other worthwhile museum is the Pakistan Air Force Museum, which you must visit if you have young children. It is beautiful and vast, well-kept, and equipped with all amenities. Before accessing the museum, one must take a long walk with the children through green foliage. There are so many aircraft models on display, and so much information on Pakistan's aviation is available. You may even prepare a little picnic at home if you dislike purchasing meals outdoors. Since there is always a breeze, the ideal time to visit is at night. The primary reason for recommending the PAF museum as a must-see attraction in Karachi is that it is highly interactive, and youngsters may enjoy touching buttons and adjusting levers on some of the model aircraft.

Masjid Wazir Khan in Lahore

Masjid Wazir Khan Lahore

Wazir Khan Mosque is famed for its exquisite faience tile work known as Kashi-Kari, as well as its interior surfaces, which are nearly totally covered with beautiful Mughal-era paintwork. It is considered to be the most ornately adorned Mughal-era mosque. Saint Sakhi Saif Souf's shrine is housed in the mosque.

Sheikhupura Stadium in Sheikhupura

Sheikhupura Stadium Sheikhupura

It is yet another stadium in Pakistan that can be used for a variety of purposes. This facility has a capacity of 15,000 spectators, and it was where the renowned cricket player Wasim Akram achieved his highest Test score. In the surrounding areas, you'll also find a public park, an electronic scoreboard, a gymnasium, and a stadium shopping complex. In addition, there is a miniature stadium for ice hockey. Saeed Anwar Malik, a legendary hockey player from Pakistan who competed in three Olympic Games, was honored with the naming of the country's new hockey stadium.

Mall Of Lahore in Lahore

Mall Of Lahore Lahore

Known as “Lahore Kharidari Markaz ''. It is one of the largest shopping malls in Pakistan with an area of 650,000 square feet (60,000 square meters) and over 70 stores. The mall, on the other hand, was built by Bahria. Aside from the entertainment-focused events, the whole mall and every outlet are incredibly exciting. After all, where else can you get the top national and international brands all under one roof? All of these companies' most recent collections are on display, just as you would expect in any of the world's finest shopping malls. The food court provides a range of casual eating alternatives, and the kids club is the nicest play area in the region.

Charna Island in Karachi

Charna Island Karachi

Charna Island is a small island in the Arabian Sea, about 6 to 7 kilometers from Karachi. Charna is a massive rock formation in the midst of the ocean with a surface area of around 1.5 square kilometers. This island's primary activities include cliff diving, scuba diving, jet-skiing, snorkeling, underwater photography, and marine species exploration. Consequently, you must visit this island if you desire an adrenaline rush and quality time with your companions. The Pakistan Navy also uses this island as a firing range. Fishermen come to this island to fish because there are a lot of different kinds of lobsters, crabs, and other fish. Near Charna, there is a colorful underwater world with a lot of different species that really make divers want to come back again and again.

Grand Jamia Mosque Bahria Town in Lahore

Grand Jamia Mosque Bahria Town Lahore

Also known as the “Bahria Grand Mosque”. With a capacity of 70,000 worshippers, it is the fourteenth largest mosque in the world and the third-largest mosque in Pakistan. The mosque welcomes you with six arched wooden doors and then dazzles you with views of tile-mosaic, white chandeliers, and frescos of extraordinary beauty. This beautiful work of art is crowned by the Center Dome. A 40-foot-tall tree with a 50-foot-wide spread.

Clock Tower Faisalabad in Faisalabad

Clock Tower Faisalabad Faisalabad

The Clock Tower, also known as Ghanta Ghar, is the most well-known landmark in Faisalabad. It is not only the center of the city but also the hub for all of the city's activities. Each political party attempts to conduct rallies at this location during election season. Every year, Ghanta Ghar hosts the core rally of the Eid Milad Nabi religious festival as well as the largest Muharram (annual religious event) procession.

Sadiq Dane High School in Bahawalpur

Sadiq Dane High School Bahawalpur

Sadiq Dane High School is also known as Government Boys High School. It is the largest school in Bahawalpur with over 2000 students currently enrolled. It was established by Nawab of Bahawalpur. It was established in 1911. This old and historical and academic institution is attributed in the name of Nawab of Bahawalpur Sir Sadiq Muhammad Khan Abbasi the 5th and the then Governor of Punjab Sir William Dane.

Ansoo Lake in Naran

Ansoo Lake Naran

This hidden beauty of nature can be reached through a trekking trip. The first visitor must reach Lake Saif Ul Malook via a rough car trip and two hours of horseback riding in the upper Himalayas. After a one-hour trek, reach Lake Ansoo. In addition, its name was derived from the lake's shape. The lake is named Ansoo, which means Tear because it is tear-shaped. From the lake, you can record lifelong memories of spectacular sights. Furthermore, the ideal time to explore this lake is between June and August, as heavy snowfall during other months could be hazardous for hikers. So convince your trek-loving buddies to join on this Himalayan adventure.

Gutwala Park in Faisalabad

Gutwala Park Faisalabad

It is the largest park of Faisalabad. Gatwala Forest Park is a huge compound of more than 100 km2 that houses forest areas, parks, lakes and administrative buildings of the Ministry of Forestry, Government of Pakistan. Situated on the Shiekhupura Road / Lahore Road, its distance from the Clock Tower, Faisalabad is almost 20 km. It is situated next to many residential colonies and towns of Metropolis of Faisalabad as a result of the extreme expansion of residential areas of Faisalabad. The main attractions in Gatwala Park are the huge green parks that house a few rides for children, flowing canals across the park, bamboo growing area, large forest areas and two lakes. Boating is done in one lake, whereas the other lake is the home to many crocodiles.

Princess Of Hope,Gwadar in Gwadar

Princess Of Hope,Gwadar Gwadar

Another one of Pakistan's most popular tourist destinations, Princess of Hope can be found within Pakistan's most extensive national park. People have the misconception that the structure was created by humans, but history asserts that it was cut in the same manner as the sphinx and the hammerhead, namely, by the eruption of the Mud Mountains that covered the regions. It has the appearance of an ancient female statue and is particularly fascinating to view owing to its enormous size and the fact that it appears to have been constructed by man.

Jamia Masjid Qasmia in Larkana

Jamia Masjid Qasmia Larkana

Madrasa Jamia Arabia Qasim al-Uloom is the name given to this well-known mosque, which can be found in Eid Gah Muhammad (old Miro Dero Muhalla). Since the early days of Lakana city, when there was still a little mosque in the immediate vicinity, its expansive ground has been used as Eid Gah. This happened a few decades ago. In the year 1959 AD, Mullana Muhammad Qasim Mashori rebuilt the previous structure with a magnificent and expansive mosque that he built. It is a very impressive monument, and you just have to go check out this old edifice. This location offers a sufficient amount of space for large gatherings, which is especially useful when it comes to the Eid prayers.

Ilyasi Mosque in Abbottabad

Ilyasi Mosque Abbottabad

It is the oldest and largest mosque in Abbottabad, It was built over a stream of water that still runs underneath it. The Ilyasi mosque is renowned for its stunning design, massive construction, sense of serenity, tranquility, and stunning white facade. There is also an old natural spring that people believe has healing powers. This mosque is considered to be one of the most stunning examples of Islamic architecture in all of Pakistan. It's impossible to get enough of it. You can’t get enough of it. Whenever you visit Abbottabad do visit this mosque. You will have an unforgettable experience.

Bala Hisar Fort in Peshawar

Bala Hisar Fort Peshawar

Bala Hissar, also spelt Bala Hisar, is a historic fortress located in Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. First mentioned by 7th-century explorer Xuanzang, the fort was used as a royal residence for the Durrani Empire since December 1747, when Ahmad Shah Durrani conquered Peshawar. The Maratha Empire captured it after the Battle of Peshawar in 1758. The Sikhs reconstructed the fort after capturing Peshawar in March 1823. In 1849, the British East India Company reconstructed the fort's outer walls. The fort now serves as headquarters for Pakistan's Frontier Corps

Replica Of Eiffel Tower in Lahore

Replica Of Eiffel Tower Lahore

The Third-largest Eiffel Tower with a height after China and Paris. It is nearly 100 feet taller than Minar-e-Pakistan. The Eiffel Tower has transformed into one of Lahore's most prominent public spaces, hosting annual celebrations and ceremonies for holidays like the Day of Liberation and New Year's Night. Chinese Engineers designed and built it. Many people come to see the Eiffel Tower in Lahore and take pictures with it. Lahore's Eiffel Tower stands at an impressive 80 meters in height (262 feet).

Hingol National Park in Gwadar

Hingol National Park Gwadar

The Hingol National Park is one of the best places to visit in Gwadar. It is one of the largest national parks and is home to many wild animals, birds, and plants. The Hingol National Park was built in 1988, and the Sphinx and the Princess of Hope, two more impressive buildings, are right next to it. Both of these grand structures were made by nature and stand on top of rocky cliffs. They are now well-known tourist attractions.

Peshawar Zoo in Peshawar

Peshawar Zoo Peshawar

Peshawar zoo's construction formally started on February 3, 2016, with the ground breaking ceremony being attended by Imran Khan and Chief Minister of KPK, Pervez Khattak. The zoo was officially opened to the public on February 13, 2018. The zoo is spread over an area of 29 acres besides the premises of the Pakistan Forest Institute. It is located next to Markaz-Ul-Uloom Islamia Rahatabad. Some of the first animals to arrive were brought from Lahore Zoo in October 2017, these included a pair of lions and various species of ungulates including nilgai and blackbucks. Other animals were brought from various institutions across Khyber Pukhtunkhwa, including leopards brought from Dhodial pheasantry and a wildlife park in Malakand and an Asiatic black bear from Nathiagali.

Japanese Children Park in Islamabad

Japanese Children Park Islamabad

If you are taking your young children with you on your trip to Islamabad, then you should definitely take them to the Japanese Children Park. This park was designed specifically with the intention of providing amusement for children, as the name of the establishment suggests. Your children get the opportunity to socialize with other children while having fun on the playgrounds. In addition, there are numerous picnic places and recreational areas scattered about, in which you can kick back and enjoy some refreshments while watching the younger children play.

Lulusar Lake in Mansehra

Lulusar Lake Mansehra

Among all the lakes in northern Pakistan especially in the Naran Valley, this one is the easiest to approach. It is well known for its mirror-like surface reflecting the great mountains like an immense mirror. It has great views of the mountains on all of its sides. The road is higher than the lake and tourists have to walk down to get to the lake. There are no permanent stalls, tuck shops, or hotels & restaurants disturbing the natural beauty. It’s one of the most preserved ones unlike other lakes in the area.

Islamabad Club  in Islamabad

Islamabad Club Islamabad

If you want to relax and have fun and plan to stay in Islamabad for a while, joining the chic Islamabad club is a great way to do things like swim, play tennis, and read books. The club is known as one of the best places for the ministry of government officials and foreign diplomats to hang out. It has a fusion-style buffet of food from around the world and suites that look like hotel rooms.

Monal Restaurant in Islamabad

Monal Restaurant Islamabad

A wonderful restaurant named Monal is located farther up the hill from the Daman-e-Koh viewpoint, where you may dine on both local and western dishes while enjoying a beautiful viewpoint of Islamabad surrounded by the Margalla Hills. Beef seekh, Chicken karahi, chicken makhani, and kebab masala are some of the other specialties on the menu. Try the chicken tikka burger and beef steak burger if you really want fast food. However, the meal is quite expensive and may not be the best, but the view of Islamabad from above at night is unbeatable.

Deosai National Park in Skardu

Deosai National Park Skardu
Gilgit Baltistan

Deosai is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Skardu. The Deosai National Park was created to protect numerous animal and bird species, including the Snow Leopard, Red Fox, Himalayan Brown Bear, Wolf, Golden eagle, Sparrow Hawk, and Snow Cock. In addition, this park is renowned for its luxuriant flora and fauna, streams, green meadows, snow-capped mountains, and dense wildflowers. The National Park is only visited during the summer when a breathtaking display of flowers and butterflies greets visitors. However, Bara Pani, Sheosar Lake, Burgi Land, Ali Malik are all great locations to visit in Deosai. No doubt, Deosai is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Skardu.

Nagar Valley in Gilgit

Nagar Valley Gilgit
Gilgit Baltistan

The beautiful district of Nagar, which used to be called Brushal, is in the north of Pakistan. This place is a lakeside paradise. Nagar Khas is vital to the Nagar valley. The breathtaking landscapes and breathtaking vistas are seen throughout the Minapin, Ghulmet, Hopper, and Charlotte Valleys have made them popular tourist destinations in the Nagar region. This is due to the fact that the valleys are spread out across the region.

Urak Valley in Ziarat

Urak Valley Ziarat

About 150 km from the valley of Ziarat is the amazing Urak Valley, which is also a popular tourist spot. Since Urak Valley is close to Quetta, a lot of picnickers and people who want to try new things go there. The region is renowned for its cultivation of cherry and apple trees. As soon as you approach the Urak Valley, the sweet scent of apples greets you. In addition, freshwater springs flow on both sides of the road, causing people to fall in love with this location.