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Chitral Museum in Chitral

Chitral Museum Chitral

Every place has its own unique culture and art that is preserved in different forms. Chitral Museum is truly a preserver of its ancestor’s art that is left for the future generation. The Museum was built on 8 July 2010 and the main idea was to maintain the cultural heritage for the tourists. The museum is divided into two different sections that are the Ethnological Gallery and the Archaeological and Kalash Gallery. In its first section, we encounter the jewelry, and instruments furniture of the ancestor that was used in the 12 century. On the other hand, things related to Kalash show the cultural heritage of Greek. Notable, the things that are concerned with their God and Goddess.

Shahi Qila in Chitral

Shahi Qila Chitral

It is believed to be constructed in the 14th century by Raja Nadir. This place still serves as a residence for the royal family of Chitral. Pictures and artifacts of Mehtar of Chitral are very well-preserved here. Unfortunately, it is a private property you’ll need to get permission for visiting the fort. But if you have a good reference and get permission from higher authorities you can definitely visit this stunning landmark.

Shandur Pass in Chitral

Shandur Pass Chitral

If you’re an adventurous tourist, this is the perfect place to go. The roads are narrow, rough, and gravel and you must expect to drive in 1st and 2nd gear only. Also, most of the roads are suitable for one vehicle only. The best time to visit Shandur Pass is between late April and early November. Jeeps are the best option to drive through the roads to reach this worth watching place. In Shandur Pass the Shandur Polo Festival is organized every year in the month of July. During the festival, teams of Chitral and Gilgit Baltistan play polo matches on Shandur Top.

Chitral Gol National Park in Chitral

Chitral Gol National Park Chitral

Another name for this park is Chitral National Park. You can walk at an area of 7,750 hectares at a 5,000-meter elevation. The route to the park is narrow, dangerous, and adventurous. You can see three valleys, huge glaciers, and beautiful streams stemming from glaciers in the park. The park is rich in cedar trees. What else is there in the park? A lot of animals like Markhor, ibex, black bear wolves, red fox, Himalayan, golden eagles, falcons, snowcocks, monal, snow, and rock partridge.

Tirich Mir in Chitral

Tirich Mir Chitral

Tirich Mir is the highest mountain in the world outside of the Himalayas-Karakoram Range. Moreover, the elevation of this mountainous range is 7,708 meters. Do you know an interesting fact about Tirch Mir? In the Wakhi language, Trich means darkness and Mir means king. Hence, the name means King of darkness. The name can also be attributed to the shadows created by Tirch Mir on Wakhan's side. The average temperature of Tirch Mir ranges from the highest 130C in July to the lowest -120C in winter.

Rumbur Valley in Chitral

Rumbur Valley Chitral

It is some 45 Km from Chitral town, normally takes 2 hrs to reach on a bumpy but adventurous road. It is the 2nd Kalash valley with very hospitable and warm welcoming Kalash tribes, who have been living in these valleys for centuries. The Kalash are not Muslims but follow their own Religion which is made up of single creator called ‘Dezau’ with 12 male and female gods the major God is Mahandeo and some folks say this is the same god as Ares is known as Mars by the Romans. Most Kalasha are Mediterranean looking. The men wear largely traded traditional goat-skin tunics and the women wear black reaching to the ankles.

Qaqlasht Meadows in Chitral

Qaqlasht Meadows Chitral

Qaqlasht Meadows, nestled near Chitral in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, is a pristine alpine paradise surrounded by towering peaks and lush greenery. This picturesque destination offers a tranquil escape with stunning views of the Hindu Kush mountain range. Visitors can trek through the meadows, spot diverse wildlife, and immerse themselves in the natural beauty of this remote area, making it a haven for nature enthusiasts and adventurers alike.

Governor Cottage  in Chitral

Governor Cottage Chitral

Governor cottage is a beautiful and graceful architecture that exemplifies the glorious and typical Chitrali style of construction. Now this place is open to the general public. Governor Cottage is placed at a height location and surrounded by greenery. You will find many historical objects which are preserved there and are in very good shape. After visiting this place, you will surely get an idea about the royal living style of Mehar of Chitral.

Karambar Lake in Chitral

Karambar Lake Chitral

It is the 33rd highest lake in the world and one of the most biologically active lakes on Earth. The lake is also known as Qurumbar lake in some references and alternately is spelled as Karomber or Karamber. It is the deepest lake in the valley with a maximum and means depth of 55m and 17.08m respectively. The lake is not far than one mile from Karambar pass that connects Broghil with district Ghizer. Another beautiful lake called Ribat lake is at least 1 mile away from Karomber lake.

Tooshi Game Reserve in Chitral

Tooshi Game Reserve Chitral

Likewise other beautiful places of Chitral, Tooshi Game Reserve is no exception. It is the must-visit place of Chitral where entry is free of cost. It is spread over 1000 hectares. An interesting fact about Tooshi Game Reserve is that it is the heaven of Markhors. Even more, a herd of Markhors is seen descending from hilltops towards the river at sunrise or sunset. Hence, pack your binoculars to see this remarkable Game Reserve this summer with Flypakistan.

Chitral Fort in Chitral

Chitral Fort Chitral

The Chitral Fort is a fortification in Chitral town, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. The fort is situated on the banks of the Chitral River. The fort has a commanding position on the river and is believed to have been built in 1774 during the reign of Mohtaram Shah Katur II and restored in 1911 by His Highness Sir Shuja ul-Mulk. The compound used to house the barracks of the guards of Mehtar of Chitral. The fort was declared as the personal property of the last ruler of Chitral following the merger of Chitral State in 1969. It is now occupied by the current ceremonial Mehtar, Fateh-ul-Mulk Ali Nasir who has renovated the old Darbar Hall and state rooms following damage sustained during the earthquake of 2015.

Kalasha Valleys in Chitral

Kalasha Valleys Chitral

The most famous valleys in Chitral are the Kalasha Valleys. The valleys are surrounded by the Hindu Kush mountain range. The inhabitants of the valley are the Kalash people, who have a unique culture, and language and follow a form of ancient Hinduism. As such, the Kalasha Valleys are a source of attraction for Pakistani as well as international tourists. There are three main valleys. The largest and most populous valley is Bumburet (Mumuret), reached by a road from Ayun in the Kunar Valley. Rumbur is a side valley north of Bumburet. The third valley, Biriu (Birir), is a side valley of the Kunar Valley south of Bumburet. The most famous and most visited valley among these three is the Bumborate Valley which is 36Km from main Chitral city.

Shahi Masjid , Chitral in Chitral

Shahi Masjid , Chitral Chitral

Shahi Masjid is a piece of beautiful architecture, built by Shujaul Mulk in 1924. Shujaul Mul was the Mehtar of Chitral, the ruler of Chitral from 1895 to 1936. The construction of the Masjid is truly a wonderful piece of architecture with pinkish walls and white marble and engraved works of art. The architecture truly represents the culture and tradition of the aristocrats of Chitral.

Shandur Polo Ground in Chitral

Shandur Polo Ground Chitral

Shandur Polo Ground is naturally designed as the small hills are on all four sides of the rectangular ground and are situated at an altitude of 12,500 feet (38000 meters) above sea level, enjoying the title of the highest polo ground in the world. It is sometimes called Roof of the World. Shandur Polo Festival is one of the big festivals in Pakistan. This festival is held in Shandur Polo Ground from 7 to 9 July every year on Shandur Pass. The polo match played between the teams of Gilgit-Baltistan Districts and Chitral District, is a freestyle game.

Barmoghlasht in Chitral

Barmoghlasht Chitral

It’s hard to pronounce, but it’s very beautiful! !! This is a very beautiful scenic resort and an attractive resort. The distance between Barmoghlasht and Chitral is 14.5 kilometers. In addition, it is the building of the Chitral royal family, which is worth seeing. It is located among lush green pastures, adding more beauty to the resort.

Booni in Chitral

Booni Chitral

In the crown of Chitral Valley, one of the jewels is Booni. Like other valleys, Booni is very beautiful and worth watching the town of Chitral. The landmarks of Booni are fan-shaped due to glacial deposits which are a major attraction for tourists. Amazing fact! The town is highly developed in terms of educational facilities provided to the natives. The Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) Motel is also located here. The weather of Booni in summer is warm due to the direct exposure of the valley to sunshine. In winter, the weather is extremely cold. The place is also famous for the growth of different vegetables, fruits, and crops.

Garam Chashma in Chitral

Garam Chashma Chitral

The place is known for its Hot spring, which is one of the tourist attractions sites. It is also famous for its trout fish. The water flowing down through the length of the valley is famous for fishing sports. The Lotkoh River running down from the lofty peaks of the Hindu Kush is a haven for the brown type of trout fish. Other features of the area include snow-covered peaks, pleasant weather, natural springs, and more recently has remained in the limelight for being a potential site of hydel-power generation. Besides tourists, people suffering from skin diseases also visit the hot spring for treatment.

Ayun Valley in Chitral

Ayun Valley Chitral

Ayun Valley is one of the most beautiful valleys of Chitral. It is a gateway to the Kalash valleys. The Chitral River and the Bamburet River merge together at Ayun Valley. The Bamburet River flows along the length of the entire Ayun valley. The water of this river is used for the generation of electricity for Ayun village, irrigation, and drinking. The people of Ayun valley are very friendly and hospitable. I have visited Ayun Valley and experienced the people welcoming and guiding the tourists.

Bumburet Valley in Chitral

Bumburet Valley Chitral

The valley is inhabited by the Kalash people and has become a tourist destination. With its sparkling streams, shady meadows, groves of mulberry, apricot, and walnut trees, wide mountain vistas, and yellow and green fields, it is thought by many to be the most beautiful valley. However, their population is rapidly declining. As of 2019, only 37 households existed in the valley that still followed traditional practices.