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Masjid-e-Shuhada in Sahiwal

Masjid-e-Shuhada Sahiwal

Masjid-e-Shuhada is one of the top-rated places listed as a Mosque in Sahiwal. The mosque was built in memory of the soldiers who were martyred in the 1971 war. The mosque was built in Turkish style which looks beautiful to the visitors. This is widely considered to be one of Sahiwal's most iconic landmarks. This mosque feature sandstone with white marble inlay, which is a departure from typical mosque design in turkey, in which decoration is done by means of intricate tile work.

Ravi River Bridge in Sahiwal

Ravi River Bridge Sahiwal

The city of Sahiwal is situated on the banks of the river Ravi. That is why another tourist destination of Sahiwal is the bridge over the river Ravi which offers the best view of the river. Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif laid the foundation stone of the Qutab Shahana Bridge on the river Ravi to link Sahiwal with Faisalabad on March 13, 2013. The construction of the bridge will reduce the distance between Sahiwal and Faisalabad by 33 kilometers which will save money, time, and fuel. The total length of the Qutab Shahana bridge will be 1650 feet while it will be 24 feet wide.

Yadgar-e-Sahiwal in Sahiwal

Yadgar-e-Sahiwal Sahiwal

This monument is located near the railway road. According to the monument, MA Ashraf has written in his book on the history of Sahiwal. That is why the place is known as Yadgar Sahiwal. It is a round-shaped landmark. However, its color is white which shows a sense of purity, cleanliness, and peacefulness. Hence a number of people visit this site on a daily basis. Most of the people come here with their families and enjoy a picnic in its beautiful scenery.

Zafar Ali Stadium in Sahiwal

Zafar Ali Stadium Sahiwal

One of the oldest stadiums is located in the middle of the city. Zafar Ali Stadium was used for first-class and List A cricket games from 1955 to 1995. The stadium holds 10,000 people. Originally known as Sahiwal Stadium, it was renamed Zafar Ali Stadium in honor of Sheikh Zafar Ali Khan, the founder of the Pakistan Olympic Association. However, some international matches were played here. Still has much importance but due to lack of Govt attention, its condition has gone substandard gradually and needs to restore its dignity.

Suri Mosque in Sahiwal

Suri Mosque Sahiwal

A ruined mosque of the Suri period (1540-1545) is at Dhawa Sharma; some 30 kilometers from Chichawatni, a tehsil of Sahiwal. It is said to be built when the great warrior passed this area while leading these forces to take the reign of the Mughal Empires. He rebelled and took control of the Mughal Empire in 11540 and founded the Suri Empire with Delhi as its capital. He accidentally died in 1545 because of a gunpowder explosion.

Harappa Museum in Sahiwal

Harappa Museum Sahiwal

The museum was established in 1926 and then was reconstructed in 1966. the museum exhibits items from the cemetery and other parts of the site, including etched carnelian beads, shell objects, stone tools, domestic implements, pottery, toys, earthenware, seals with the mysterious Mohenjo-Daro script, animal and human figurines and stone weights, as well as articles from other Indus Valley sites. There is a female skeleton with all its ornaments and potteries around it which depicts the burial custom of Harappans. It also houses a male skeleton excavated from Cemetery.

Kanaan Park in Sahiwal

Kanaan Park Sahiwal

Kanaan Park is the most famous park in Sahiwal. Kanaan Park also has a zoo with many animals and birds. You can find monkeys, bears, lions, deer, rabbits, parrots, ostriches, and many other animals and birds here. Its maintenance is done properly and is watered 2 times a day. In the morning, and evening. It is the best place for families and a great picnic point.