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Hingol Dam in Lasbela

Hingol Dam Lasbela

The floodwaters of the Hingol River are going to be contained once the proposed Hingol Dam is built. The proposed proposal is to construct a dam on the Hingol River close to the Shri Hinglaj Mata temple, which is a significant Hindu pilgrimage site in Pakistan. The dam would have flooded the roads leading to the temple, endangering the community and its associated celebrations. After protests from Hindus, the Balochistan Assembly decided to drop the plan for the dam. By stopping the flow of the Hingol River, the flood water can be used to grow crops, make electricity, and provide water for drinking and other uses.

Princess Of Hope in Lasbela

Princess Of Hope Lasbela

The Princess of Hope is a natural rock structure that resembles a princess gazing beyond the horizon, roughly 190 kilometers (120 miles) from Karachi's financial center. The distinctive earthen mountains have been sculpted by the winds over the course of numerous centuries: Lasbela's most popular tourist attractions and most visited locations. Lasbela has a wide variety of things to do and see, which makes it a great place to visit. But the whole landscape is made up of mud and rock mountains and gorges.

Bara Bagh Cemetery in Lasbela

Bara Bagh Cemetery Lasbela

There are more than one hundred graves in the Bara Bagh Cemetery in Lasbela, which is an ancient cemetery belonging to the Jams of Lasbela in the Lasbela princely state. Of these graves, forty belong to the Jams. Ghulam Qadir Khan, who lived from 1920 until 1988, and Jam Mohammad Yousaf, who lived from 1954 until 2013, both had notable burials.

Khurkhera Wildlife Sanctuary in Lasbela

Khurkhera Wildlife Sanctuary Lasbela

It is 240 kilometers from Karachi along the Makran Coastal Highway. Kund Malir is a meeting location for the sea, the mountains, and the desert. Kund Malir is a small Baloch fishing village in the mountains. The ocean flows beneath this mountain. People stop to look at the blue water on the white sand and watch the waves hit the sea.

Kot Bala in Lasbela

Kot Bala Lasbela

Kot Bala Lasbela is the location of an archaeological site known as Kot Bala. It dates back to approximately 4000 BC and is located close to the Makran shore of the Arabian Sea. Balakot was inhabited for a number of centuries before the rise of the civilization of the Indus Valley. It can be found in the interior of Sonmiani Bay, along the shore of Lasbela (the Plain of Las Bela). This location is significant due to its proximity to the Arabian Sea, as it is believed to have served as the principal harbor from which Indus traders sailed to the coastlines of the Arabian Peninsula. As a result of its location, this site is of great importance.

Balochistan Sphinx in Lasbela

Balochistan Sphinx Lasbela

The Sphinx of Balochistan The Balochistan Sphinx, also known as the Sphinx of Pakistan, is a natural rock formation that has the appearance of a sphinx. Also known by the name Abul-Hol and as the Lion of Balochistan. The natural rock formation known as the Balochistan Sphinx, also known as the Lion of Balochistan, can be found at Lasbela in the Balochistan region of Pakistan. It is in the shape of a sphinx. It is situated in Hingol National Park, which is situated along the Makran Coastal Highway.

Karavipur Temple in Lasbela

Karavipur Temple Lasbela

Shivaharkaray or Karavipur is a Shakti Peeth that is dedicated to the Hindu goddess Durga. It is one of Pakistan's two Shakti Peethas. The other is Hinglaj Mata Mandir. The Puranas say that the Goddess's third eye fell here after she did Sati. People worship the Goddess as Mahishasuramardini, which means "the one who killed Mahishasur." Her husband, the Hindu god Shiva, is worshipped as Krodhish, the personification of anger when he is in Ragi's form. In the Puranas, there are 51 places called Peethas. Shivaharkaray is the third one on the list.

Golden Beach Kund Malir in Lasbela

Golden Beach Kund Malir Lasbela

Kund Malir is a wonderful beach immediately adjacent to the road. After Zero-Point, there are no food or fuel facilities along the route. It is considered to be one of the world's most beautiful beaches. Due to the rise in tourism, a number of mobile networks, notably Ufone, have begun offering services in the area. Numerous tour operators now offer their services for exploring this wonderful region. Many people from Karachi and the interior of Sindh picnic on the weekends. In the same location, you can observe mountains, the sea, and the desert.

Shrine Of Peer Moosaniani Bela in Lasbela

Shrine Of Peer Moosaniani Bela Lasbela

Peer Sher's full name was Qutubuddin Shah Jeelani, but he was also known as Ghazi Deen and Pir Sher. Peer Sher was a religious leader. The Tomb, also known as the Dargah, may be found in the neighborhood of Peer Sher, which lies on the eastern edge of the city of Larkana. Peer Sher was born in Rani pur, which is also where his father, Pir Sayed Abdul Raheem Shah, was living at the time. After moving from Ranipur to Larkana in 1837, he initially stayed in the Khalid township, which is a suburb of Larkana. However, he went on to create his own settlement, which is now known as "Pir Sher village," which is located three kilometers away from Larkana.