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Harnoi Lake in Abbottabad

Harnoi Lake Abbottabad

It is a well-known landmark in Abbottabad. It's 11 kilometers away from Abbottabad. Harnoi Lake is a stunning location to explore. Hanoi Lake is surrounded by steep mountains that are densely forested. In the area, there is also a frigid stream known as Nadi Dhorr. Throughout the year, the weather is good. Children and adults can go to small tea shops, restaurants, and resorts. There is a park for kids with rides like Roller Coaster, the Ferris wheel, and other swings. There are many beautiful places for adults to hike as well. Because of the weather, the place is very crowded in the summer. You can also go there in the winter months.

Kala Pani in Abbottabad

Kala Pani Abbottabad

It is one of Abbottabad’s most beautiful picnic spots. Between Thandiani Mountain and Mera Rehmat Khan Mountain, one can see the captivating Kala Pani. The elevation of Kala Pani is nearly 6656 feet above sea level. In the summer, the majority of tourists visit Kala Pani and Thandiani Top. However, hardly anyone visits in the winter. The fountain water that surrounds the Kala Pani is considered clean. The natives use that water for drinking. Fountain waterfalls into the Harnoi River. Places like these help you connect with nature. It’s one of Abbottabad’s beautiful places.

Old Lockhart House in Abbottabad

Old Lockhart House Abbottabad

Exploring the old historical buildings of Abbottabad is no less than an adventure. Among the oldest historical places of Abbottabad, one is Old Lockhart House. Sir William Lockhart constructed this house in Abbottabad in the 1880s. The building is very beautiful and represents colonial history. Mr. Lockhart visited this place regularly in summer because of its beauty. I would suggest you take your children to this historical place during your trip to Abbottabad.

Thandiani in Abbottabad

Thandiani Abbottabad

It is at a height of 2,700 meters above sea level. Thandiani lies on the northeast side of Abbottabad. Abbottabad is 37.5 kilometers away from Thandiani. It takes around 1 hour to reach there. Thandiani is surrounded by lovely lush green mountains. It is therefore an incredibly quiet, lovely, romantic, and soothing place. Because of its green and lovely landscape, this site has a considerable amount of beauty. One can also see the Pir Panjal Mountains of Kashmir on a trip to Thandiani. There are many hotels and restaurants where one can stay.

Jalal Baba Auditorium Complex in Abbottabad

Jalal Baba Auditorium Complex Abbottabad

This public auditorium of Abbottabad takes its name from Mohammad Jalal-Ud-Din Jalal Baba. It is one of the best-designed historical buildings in Abbottabad. It was built in 1993 and spreads over an area of 8.75 acres of land. This auditorium has a huge hall accommodating nearly 700 people at a time. It is used for various public events and gatherings, concerts, exhibitions, etc. You must take your children to this public auditorium. There they can see a Karate Club in the auditorium. Apart from this, it is important that you take your children to such historical places. It increases their interest in history and enhances their learning.

Dhamtour Village in Abbottabad

Dhamtour Village Abbottabad

Dhamtour village is one of the largest villages in Abbottabad. It is a gateway to several beautiful places in Pakistan. It is located at a distance of 6 kilometers to the east of Abbottabad. Moreover, it is located at an elevation of 1,110 meters above sea level. According to the locals of this village, Dahamtore Village is a heaven on the earth. The place is also famous for the presence of Saian Mola Patt Qalandar Ziarat. Most importantly, people celebrate the Urs Mubarak of this saint every year in February. Football is the favorite game of this village. The village was also famous as the main business center during British rule. Never forget to stop in this village on your way to Nathiagali, Murre, Galiyat, Miranjani, and Mukshpuri Top.

Ilyasi Mosque in Abbottabad

Ilyasi Mosque Abbottabad

It is the oldest and largest mosque in Abbottabad, It was built over a stream of water that still runs underneath it. The Ilyasi mosque is renowned for its stunning design, massive construction, sense of serenity, tranquility, and stunning white facade. There is also an old natural spring that people believe has healing powers. This mosque is considered to be one of the most stunning examples of Islamic architecture in all of Pakistan. It's impossible to get enough of it. You can’t get enough of it. Whenever you visit Abbottabad do visit this mosque. You will have an unforgettable experience.

Lady Garden Public Park in Abbottabad

Lady Garden Public Park Abbottabad

It is the ideal place for children and women to visit. It was also established soon after Abbottabad was formed, making it one of the city's earliest tourist attractions. It's directly across the street from St. Luke's Church. At the time of its inception, this park was only visited by European or white women and families. The public is now welcome to visit. The majority of the plants and trees in this park are imported from England. You can take your kids to the park for some swings, snacks, and some fresh air. It is one of Abbottabad's most lovely picnic spots.

Sajikot Waterfall in Abbottabad

Sajikot Waterfall Abbottabad

In the Havelian Tehsil of Abbottabad district, there is a beautiful waterfall known as the Sajikot waterfall. It is one of the major tourist attractions of Abbottabad because of its beauty. The distance of the Sajikot waterfall from Abbottabad is 47 kilometers and from Havelian is 28 kilometers. There is a narrow road from Havelian to the Sajikot waterfall that allows tourists to drive their cars to the top. Comparative to other waterfalls in town, this one is the most amazing and worth visiting. Never miss a chance to visit this beautiful waterfall of Abbottabad.

Hierarchy Gaming Lounge in Abbottabad

Hierarchy Gaming Lounge Abbottabad

This is a must-visit place for your children. It is a gaming lounge that provides an opportunity to play online games. The place provides all the facilities for people to play games. People play games with their friends or with anyone in the world. There are more than 100 computers and high-speed internet in the gaming café. You must take your adult children to the Hierarchy Gaming Lounge so that they can enjoy themselves.

Lodge Of Civil Surgeon Of Hazara in Abbottabad

Lodge Of Civil Surgeon Of Hazara Abbottabad

Similar to other historical places in Abbottabad, the Lodge of Civil Surgeons of Hazara is no exception in terms of beauty. When exploring the historical beauty of Abbottabad, never miss this place. It is a beautiful bungalow located in civil lines, Abbottabad. This lodge was constructed in the 19th century. The outlook of the building is historical because it is made up of lime mortar and black stone craft. There are pine trees around the building which adds more to its beauty. Even noteworthy, the building is about to collapse anytime but is a mark of history. However, you can take your family to visit this historical place from the outside.

St. Luke’s Church in Abbottabad

St. Luke’s Church Abbottabad

St. Luke’s Church is an Anglican Church founded in 1864 in Abbottabad. It is dedicated to St. Luke. It is one of the famous British and Indian settlements of Colonial rule. St. Luke’s Church is one of the famous historical tourist destinations of Abbottabad. This church is now under the dominion of the Peshawar Diocese of the Church of Pakistan. Why don’t you take your children to this beautiful church? Because children and young boys and girls are always interested in such things. When you visit Abbottabad this summer, don’t forget to visit this place.

Shimla Peak in Abbottabad

Shimla Peak Abbottabad

The word "Shimla" originates from the Hindko language, and it literally translates to "turban's crest."The Sherwan range near Abbottabad is named from the form of a turban's crest. It is one of Abbottabad's most stunning tourist attractions. This region is made more lovely by the presence of countless pine trees. In addition, if you are an explorer, this area is ideal for trekking. The greatest time to see the Shimla peaks is during the summer. In the winter, the chilly temperature, snowy peaks, and tranquil surroundings make this place even more appealing. It is 10 kilometers from Abbottabad and may be reached by vehicle or on foot.

Musa Ka Musalla in Abbottabad

Musa Ka Musalla Abbottabad

Musa ka Musalla is a notable mountain peak situated in the Siran Valley of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, reaching an elevation of approximately 13,370 feet. This peak is renowned for its challenging yet rewarding trekking routes that lead to breathtaking vistas of the Himalayan range. Musa ka Musalla is a popular destination for adventurous hikers and mountaineers seeking stunning landscapes and a thrilling outdoor experience in northern Pakistan.