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Shrine Of Baba Kharwari in Ziarat

Shrine Of Baba Kharwari Ziarat

He was a member of Sarang Zai and his real name was Tahir. After becoming one of Nana Sahib's students, he is attributed with a number of miraculous occurrences. A great number of people visit his shrine to pay their respects and to offer sacrifices in his honor. During the festival of Eid, the tribesmen gather in the area around the shrine to compete in bouts of wrestling.

Ziarat Juniper Forest in Ziarat

Ziarat Juniper Forest Ziarat

This location is ideal for trekking, hiking, and picnics since it has Pakistan's largest juniper forest, which is also said to be the second-largest juniper forest in the world. The woodland is home to several animal species, including black bears and Markhor. The forest ecosystem is worth a lot when it comes to protecting biodiversity. It also has a big effect on the environment, which helps communities locally, regionally, and globally. The forest, which is more than 250,000 acres in size, is home to some of the oldest trees in the world; the average age of the trees there is estimated to be 7,000 years.

Chashma Walk in Ziarat

Chashma Walk Ziarat

Between the hills that keep getting higher and the deep ravine, there is a mile of flat land that is perfect for a peaceful walk. This is the "Chashma Walk," which leads to the spring, or "Chashma," where the town gets its water. From Prospect Point, you can see a nice view. It is located 6 km from Ziarat and is 2713 meters above sea level. Even though the road is paved, it is best to walk. Once you reach the top, you can look out over the valley and hear the wind whistling through the trees. From a nearby cliff, you can see the highest point of these hills, which is called Khilafat and is 3487 meters high. It is possible to make reservations in advance by contacting the office of the Deputy Commissioner of Ziarat.

Chutair Valley in Ziarat

Chutair Valley Ziarat

In the valley, there are several grassy picnic areas. If you wish to remain longer, there is also a rest house. The people of the region live in rough and rustic cottages fashioned from the bark of juniper trees, which are significantly different from housing in nearby settlements. Chutair Tangi is a nearby attraction worth seeing. As soon as you enter this location, the mountains begin to create the tangi. After a short walk of around 4-5 minutes from the initial point, the major section of the tangi begins. Water runs in between two massive rocks that encircle it.

Sandeman Tangi in Ziarat

Sandeman Tangi Ziarat

It is a beautiful waterfall that flows down the rocks and gives visitors a wonderful experience. The beautiful Chutair valley is 13 km from Ziarat on the way to Loralai. From Ziarat, it takes 30 minutes to drive to Chutair. In the valley, there are green places to have a picnic. There is also a place to stay longer if you want to, which is a rest house. People in the area live in rough huts made from the bark of juniper trees. These huts are very different from the homes in other villages. Chutair Tangi is close by and is worth going to.

Quaid-e-Azam Residency in Ziarat

Quaid-e-Azam Residency Ziarat

A. S. Nathaniel cared for Jinnah here for the last 70 days of his life. It was built in 1892 during the time of the British Raj and is the most famous building in the city. It is a national monument and a historic site that has a lot to do with architecture. Since 2006, the 100-rupee notes have had the Quaid-e-Azam Residency on them.

Urak Valley in Ziarat

Urak Valley Ziarat

About 150 km from the valley of Ziarat is the amazing Urak Valley, which is also a popular tourist spot. Since Urak Valley is close to Quetta, a lot of picnickers and people who want to try new things go there. The region is renowned for its cultivation of cherry and apple trees. As soon as you approach the Urak Valley, the sweet scent of apples greets you. In addition, freshwater springs flow on both sides of the road, causing people to fall in love with this location.

Prospect Point (Zero Point) in Ziarat

Prospect Point (Zero Point) Ziarat

The valley stretches out in front of you in rolling hills while the wind howls through the trees. From a nearby cliff, it is possible to observe the greatest peak of these hills, Khilafat, which stands 3487 meters tall. A little rest station is located nearby. The office of the Deputy Commissioner of Ziarat allows for advance reservations.

Zizri Forest Valley in Ziarat

Zizri Forest Valley Ziarat

The name Zindra comes from the Pashto language and literally translates to "four grinding mills." Zizri is considered to be one of the most beautiful valleys in all of Ziarat. The valley may be found at a distance of twelve kilometers to the south of the town of Ziarat. After traveling through the forest for two kilometers, one route that is approximately one and a half kilometers from Prospect Point may take you to the valley. This peak, which is located in the Suleiman mountain range, is not only the tallest mountain in Ziarat but also the second-highest mountain in all of Balochistan.

Domera Waterfall Ziarat in Ziarat

Domera Waterfall Ziarat Ziarat

There is a waterfall known as Domera, and you can find it on Kharwari Baba Road. It is situated roughly 21 kilometers away from Ziarat. However, because the road leading from Ziarat is a twisting, curvy, and steep and because it passes through Baba Khurwari Shrine as well as a thick, dense Juniper Forest, it takes over an hour to reach these lovely and golden water streams, in addition to this little, five-foot waterfall.

The Gorges in Ziarat

The Gorges Ziarat

Balochistan is a dry land that doesn't get much rain each year. But most places have a lot of natural springs called "Karez" and streams. Around Ziarat, there are more than a half-dozen gorges that were made when water from the "Karez" spring fell through a narrow opening in the mountain rocks, making a dramatic effect. The sound of waterfalls singing to the tune of solid rocks as they pass through narrow gorges creates a mysterious atmosphere. Khan Tangi, Chutair Tangi, Kawas Tangi, Fern Tangi, and Sandeman Tangi are some of the well-known gorges on the way to Ziarat.

Fern Tangi in Ziarat

Fern Tangi Ziarat

Sandeman Tangi is a village and union council of Ziarat District in the Balochistan province of Pakistan. It is 4 km from Ziarat and contains a dramatic waterfall cascading down the rocks which is an attraction for visitors. The great personality Balochistan Malik Momen Khan Esakhail was born in Killi Sandman Tangi. He was the tribal leader of the Esakhail Sanerzai. He passed all his life on the development of his tribe and Ziarat valley. The waterfall was earlier known as Droond Tangai. Many believed that there were live ghosts. But afterward, it was named after Sir Robert Sandeman.

Hanna Lake  in Ziarat

Hanna Lake Ziarat

This is another highly popular tourist destination in Balochistan and is more often known as Hanna Lake. It is located more than 100 kilometers away from Ziarat valley and is only a few minutes drive away from the city of Quetta. The building of a reservoir during the time of British colonial rule resulted in the establishment of this stunning body of water, which is known to the locals as Hanna Jheel. There is a lakeside restaurant by the name of Hanna Lake Restaurant, where you may take in the breathtaking panoramas of the water while sitting in the cool shade provided by pine trees.