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Gilgit-Baltistan in Gilgit

Gilgit-Baltistan Gilgit
Gilgit Baltistan

Gilgit-Baltistan formerly known as the Northern Areas, is a region administered by Pakistan as an administrative territory, and constitutes the northern portion of the larger Kashmir region, which has been the subject of a dispute between India and Pakistan since 1947, and between India and China since 1950s. It is the northernmost area administered by Pakistan. It borders Azad Kashmir to the south, the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to the west, the Wakhan Corridor of Afghanistan to the north, the Xinjiang region of China, to the east and northeast, and the Indian-administered union territories Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh to the southeast.

Tomb Of Shah Burhan in Chiniot

Tomb Of Shah Burhan Chiniot

One of the most visited spiritual places in Chiniot city is the shrine of the famous Sufi saint Hazrat Shah Burhan-u-Din. The shrine is built in a style called "vernacular" that is similar to Mogul architecture. It is a simple building, but it is very impressive. Shah Burhan's vault was built between 1061 Hijri and 1064 Hijri. It took almost three years to finish. The building is about 62 feet tall, and its walls are skillfully designed and painted. The door to the vault is made of wood and iron, but the door inside is only made of wood. The building's windows are constructed of stone and bricks and are artistically fashioned.

Faisal Mosque in Islamabad

Faisal Mosque Islamabad

One of the best places to visit in Islamabad. The Faisal Mosque is a national mosque of Pakistan. It is the world's sixth-biggest mosque and the largest in South Asia. The desert-tented mosque is recognized as one of the most iconic monuments of Islamabad in travel photography, as it is one of Islam's holiest sites of worship and stretches over 5000 square meters. The mosque has an eight-sided concrete shell with a modern design that is based on the shape of a traditional Bedouin tent. The mosque is a modern and significant piece of Islamic architecture in Pakistan, and it is a prominent tourist destination.

Lulusar Lake, Naran in Naran

Lulusar Lake, Naran Naran

Due to the area's tallest mountain peaks, it is a very popular tourist destination. Snow covers the upper mountains, providing visitors with a spectacular panorama. This location is best visited in the middle of summer when there is less snowfall and more greenery. Due to the lake's location within the national park of Lulusar Dudipatsar, foxes, hawks, Himalayan snowcocks, black bears, lynx, and marmots can be viewed. Moreover, enthusiasts can part in hiking and spend the night there.

Mushkpuri top in Nathiagali

Mushkpuri top Nathiagali

Mukeshpuri is a 2,800-metre-high mountain in the Nathia Gali Hills, in the Abbottabad District of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province in northern Pakistan. It is 90 kilometres north of Islamabad, just above Dunga Gali in the Nathia Gali area of Ayubia National Park. It is the second highest peak in the Galyat Region after Miranjani which is located at 2,992 metres. Much of the mountain is covered with Western Himalayan subalpine conifer forests.

Shahi Masjid in Chiniot

Shahi Masjid Chiniot

Shahi Masjid is another attraction in Chiniot. It was constructed by Nawab Saad Ullah Khan during the reign of Emperor Shah Jahan (1628–58). It is stated that due to its wooden interior and artwork, it is a duplicate of Mughal monuments in the region such as Jamia Masjid Delhi, Delhi Fort, and Lal Qila Fort in India. These are all located in India. It is a really attractive structure that was hewn out of stone that was acquired from the hills in the vicinity of Chiniot. It is a magnificent structure made of hewn stone from the hills surrounding Chiniot. On a single-story podium, the mosque is situated. The outside facades are noted by their elaborate embellishment and four corner towers.

Lalazar Wildlife Park in Nathiagali

Lalazar Wildlife Park Nathiagali

Lalazar Wildlife Park is one of Pakistan's most beautiful parks. The picturesque Lalazar in the Galiyat region not only provides a refreshing break in the summer but also has fauna/wildlife to see along the treks. In Urdu, the word "Lalazar" means "garden," and the natural environment, which consists of a carpet-like green meadow filled with widely spaced daisy blossoms, is a photographer's dream. The Lalazar Fauna Park is a focal place where visitors may best examine the area's famous wildlife while taking a leisurely walk. An information center has been established in the park to assist tourists and give them first-hand information about the wildlife park.

Shalimar Bagh in Lahore

Shalimar Bagh Lahore

The Shalimar Gardens Shālāmār Bāgh are a Mughal garden complex located in Lahore, capital of the Pakistani province of Punjab. The gardens date from the period when the Mughal Empire was at its artistic and aesthetic zenith, and are now one of Pakistan's most popular tourist destinations. The Shalimar Gardens were laid out as a Persian paradise garden intended to create a representation of an earthly utopia in which humans co-exist in perfect harmony with all elements of nature. Construction of the gardens began in 1641 during the reign of Emperor Shah Jahan and was completed in 1642. In 1981 the Shalimar Gardens were inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as they embody Mughal garden design at the apogee of its development.

Shakarparian National Park in Islamabad

Shakarparian National Park Islamabad

Shakarparianalso known as Shakarparian Hills) is a hill, and a national park located near the Zero Point Interchange in Islamabad, Pakistan.[1] Pakistan Monument and Pakistan Monument Museum are also located in Shakarparian. The old Gakhars tribe leaders settled here before Indo-Pak partition 1947; later the clan was relocated to create a park for newly marked federal capital of the country in 1960. Shakarparian also has a Parade ground that hosts the Pakistan Day Parade every year on 23 March.

Kumrat Valley in Upper Dir

Kumrat Valley Upper Dir

Kumrat is a valley in the Upper Dir District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa the Province of Pakistan. Kumrat Valley is located about 2 hours away (normally it's 45 minutes but due to road conditions it's 2 Hours) from the town of Thal.[citation needed] It is one of the beautiful valleys of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Every summer season thousands of tourists from different areas of the country visit Kumrat valley for its greenery and cool weather. Kumrat is covered with green pastures, snow clad mountains, the river Panjkora, foggy mounds and forests are attractions of the region, which serve as habitats for variety of flora and fauna. It is located in the Upper Dir Kohistan region at the back side of which Swat Kohistan area of Gabral is located.

Lulusar Lake in Mansehra

Lulusar Lake Mansehra

Among all the lakes in northern Pakistan especially in the Naran Valley, this one is the easiest to approach. It is well known for its mirror-like surface reflecting the great mountains like an immense mirror. It has great views of the mountains on all of its sides. The road is higher than the lake and tourists have to walk down to get to the lake. There are no permanent stalls, tuck shops, or hotels & restaurants disturbing the natural beauty. It’s one of the most preserved ones unlike other lakes in the area.

Mini Golf Club in Lahore

Mini Golf Club Lahore

The Mini Golf or Mini Joyland is Lahori's favorite time pass. Lahori's favorite pastime is Mini Golf or Mini Joyland. For more than a decade, this attraction has been a favorite of Lahoris and their visitors. The most noticeable aspect of this location is that it is no longer merely a mini-golf or mini-Joyland! But there are many more attractions. The original snooker club, restaurants, rowboats, gaming zone, and F-1 Tracks are all available. The sheer diversity of entertainment alternatives has turned this place into a popular hangout for both the young and the elderly.

Ravi River Bridge in Sahiwal

Ravi River Bridge Sahiwal

The city of Sahiwal is situated on the banks of the river Ravi. That is why another tourist destination of Sahiwal is the bridge over the river Ravi which offers the best view of the river. Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif laid the foundation stone of the Qutab Shahana Bridge on the river Ravi to link Sahiwal with Faisalabad on March 13, 2013. The construction of the bridge will reduce the distance between Sahiwal and Faisalabad by 33 kilometers which will save money, time, and fuel. The total length of the Qutab Shahana bridge will be 1650 feet while it will be 24 feet wide.

Karimabad, The Capital Of Hunza in Hunza

Karimabad, The Capital Of Hunza Hunza
Gilgit Baltistan

Karimabad, one of the most breathtaking villages in Hunza Valley, welcomes you with its golden sand and enchanting natural scenery. This village is surrounded by vivid apricot and cherry trees that offer a chilled-out party vibe. Karimabad is a good place to go whether you want to do something exciting like water sports or just spend a day relaxing under the sun. Still more! Every day, there is a small market in Karimabad. This gives you a chance to see the lively shopping culture that Hunza is known for.

Khaplu Valley in Skardu

Khaplu Valley Skardu
Gilgit Baltistan

Khaplu is an old town in Gilgit that has a lot of history. Khaplu is 103 km east of Skardu and is the entrance to Masherbrum Peak. It was the second-largest kingdom of the Yabgo dynasty. Along the Shyok River, it patrolled and protected the trade route that led to Ladakh. There are numerous historical sites in Khaplu, including the exquisite Chaqchan Mosque and others. Khaplu is only accessible by road. Khaplu Valley is quite popular with tourists from all over the world because of its panoramic vistas and mountaineering and trekking opportunities.

Chashma Walk in Ziarat

Chashma Walk Ziarat

Between the hills that keep getting higher and the deep ravine, there is a mile of flat land that is perfect for a peaceful walk. This is the "Chashma Walk," which leads to the spring, or "Chashma," where the town gets its water. From Prospect Point, you can see a nice view. It is located 6 km from Ziarat and is 2713 meters above sea level. Even though the road is paved, it is best to walk. Once you reach the top, you can look out over the valley and hear the wind whistling through the trees. From a nearby cliff, you can see the highest point of these hills, which is called Khilafat and is 3487 meters high. It is possible to make reservations in advance by contacting the office of the Deputy Commissioner of Ziarat.

Omer Hayat Palace in Chiniot

Omer Hayat Palace Chiniot

The Omer Hayat Palace is a wooden architectural marvel of Chiniot Pakistan from the 19th century. It is also called Gulzar Mahal. Umer Hayat Palace is one of Pakistan's most renowned "mahals" and stands majestically in the city's center. Sheikh Umer Hayat- a prosperous merchant, decided in 1923 to build a palace for his son, for which he recruited renowned artisans who labored day and night to complete the palace. The building's front is embellished with a beautiful inlay of bricks, giving it a look that is reminiscent of Mughal architecture. It looks even more beautiful because of the way the marble shines and how nice the inside is.

Hingol Dam in Lasbela

Hingol Dam Lasbela

The floodwaters of the Hingol River are going to be contained once the proposed Hingol Dam is built. The proposed proposal is to construct a dam on the Hingol River close to the Shri Hinglaj Mata temple, which is a significant Hindu pilgrimage site in Pakistan. The dam would have flooded the roads leading to the temple, endangering the community and its associated celebrations. After protests from Hindus, the Balochistan Assembly decided to drop the plan for the dam. By stopping the flow of the Hingol River, the flood water can be used to grow crops, make electricity, and provide water for drinking and other uses.

Hike To The Ultar Base Camp in Hunza

Hike To The Ultar Base Camp Hunza
Gilgit Baltistan

If you want to hike more in Pakistan, you can do a day hike here in Karimabad. The trail starts near the Baltit fort and goes all the way up to Ultar Base Camp, where you can get a close look at the glacier and the Ultar peaks. It should take you about 4 to 5 hours to get to the ridge, from which you can see the huge Ultar glacier and the beautiful jagged peaks of Ultar.

Nagar Valley in Gilgit

Nagar Valley Gilgit
Gilgit Baltistan

The beautiful district of Nagar, which used to be called Brushal, is in the north of Pakistan. This place is a lakeside paradise. Nagar Khas is vital to the Nagar valley. The breathtaking landscapes and breathtaking vistas are seen throughout the Minapin, Ghulmet, Hopper, and Charlotte Valleys have made them popular tourist destinations in the Nagar region. This is due to the fact that the valleys are spread out across the region.

Hunza in Hunza

Hunza Hunza
Gilgit Baltistan

Hunza is a mountainous valley in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan. Hunza is situated at the bank of Hunza river in the northern part of Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan, bordering with Ishkoman to the northwest, Shigar to the southeast, Afghanistan's Wakhan Corridor to north, and the Xinjiang region of China to the northeast. The Hunza Valley is situated at an elevation of 2,438 meters (7,999 feet). Geographically, Hunza consists of three regions: Upper Hunza (Gojal), Central Hunza and Lower Hunza.

Liberty Market in Lahore

Liberty Market Lahore

It is a centuries-old market that was developed in the 1960s and 1970s. It is a well-known book-buying destination not just in Pakistan but also internationally. It is one of the places where you can discover a variety of things at a fair price, and because it is such a large market, females can easily bargain with the vendors and grab their desired items in a professional manner. Overall, it's a well-kept roundabout market. As a result, all of the heavy traffic revolves around it. This market is also nearby to some well-known and reasonably priced hotels.

Ormara Beach in Gwadar

Ormara Beach Gwadar

Ormara Beach is a naval facility located on the Makran Coastal Highway between Karachi and Gwadar. At 240 kilometers away from Karachi, it takes less than 5 hours to drive here. Alexander the Great stopped in Ormara, and one of his generals, named Ormuz, died there. This is how the city got its name, Ormara. It is one of the most beautiful natural beaches in the nation, and from there you can view a variety of naval carriers, making it a really amazing sight. Additionally, this beach is one of the few that has not been developed.

Frere Hall in Karachi

Frere Hall Karachi

Frere Hall is without a doubt one of the top Karachi attractions. Frere Hall is a structure in Karachi, Pakistan that goes back to the early British colonial period in Sindh. The structure was completed in 1895 and once served as the city hall. Since its partition, it has been utilized as a gallery and library. Frere Hall is accessible to the public, but on Sundays, its courts host a book fair where several retailers and peddlers offer inexpensive books. If you are an avid reader, you should visit this place. This location offers easy access to literary gems.

Manthokha Waterfall in Skardu

Manthokha Waterfall Skardu
Gilgit Baltistan

This is one of the most popular tourist spots in Skardu, welcoming both internal and overseas visitors. The waterfall is located in the village of Manthokha, which is accessible from the city of Skardu. From Skardu, one must continue the Kargil-Skardu route to reach Manthokha Waterfall. The Kargil-Skardu road passes through the following villages en route to Manthokha: Thorgo, Hussainabad, Parkutta, Manthokha, and Ghasing. A stream that is moving downstream eventually enters the Indus River at the village of Manthokha. You will find Madhupur on the eastern bank of this stream. The route that connects Manthoka and Madhapur will take you to your ultimate destination.

Lal Masjid in Islamabad

Lal Masjid Islamabad

Because Muslims make up the vast majority of Pakistan's population, the country's cities and towns are home to an abundance of mosques. Lal Masjid is another mosque that is worth looking at. In English, it literally means "red mosque." You will see how beautiful the mosque is as it is constructed entirely out of red bricks, which makes it stand out among the rest. Get inside to offer your prayers, and once you're finished, do not be in a rush to depart. Instead, go for a walk around the area and enjoy seeing how green everything is.

Siri Paye Meadows in Naran

Siri Paye Meadows Naran

From the well-known Kewai waterfalls, travelers can take a jeep for an hour to get to this beautiful place. The exciting jeep goes all the way through the thick alpine woods, where you can see amazing sights that can have a big effect on nature. After this exciting ride in a jeep, you have to walk for about 15 minutes to get to the plains where Makra peak's feet are. From sea level, the lush green plateau is 3,060 m high. Nature lovers who want to see the Milky Way can spend the night camping at the top and get some of the best camping views.

Lyallpur Museum Faisalabad in Faisalabad

Lyallpur Museum Faisalabad Faisalabad

Lyallpur Museum is close to the district courts and is located on University Road in front of the Faisalabad District Council. It is a heritage museum in Faisalabad, Pakistan. It has 10 galleries that show the modern and ancient culture and history of Lyallpur/Faisalabad. In these galleries, all of the artifacts are exhibited in chronological order. These galleries are a regional archaeological heritage gallery, orientation gallery, sandal bar gallery, and many others.

Ansoo Lake, Mansehra in Mansehra

Ansoo Lake, Mansehra Mansehra

From lake Saif-ul Malook it is about 8-9 hours of trek to Ansoo lake. It is considered one of the highest lakes in the Himalayas. If you see Ansoo Lake from a distant place it appears as a droplet of the tear with a wider rim on one side and thinner on the other. From the time it was discovered, it has been the favorite place of tourists from all over the world. There is a famous saying that seeing Ansoo Lake is not so common. Only lucky ones happen to see this lake. After hours of difficult trekking, sometimes the lake gets covered inside fog and blocks the view. So, it is said that only lucky ones can see this lake.

Kallar Kahar in Chakwal

Kallar Kahar Chakwal

This location is renowned for its Kallar Kahar Lake, Takht-e-Babri, and exquisite peacock species. This lake is a saltwater lake that is located at an elevation of 500 meters above sea level, with an area of 8 kilometers, and a maximum depth of 4-5 feet. When going from Kabul to assault Delhi with his army, the renowned Mughal emperor Zahir-ud-Din Babar encamped in Kallar Kahar. During his stay, a large rock was carved into a throne from which he addressed his soldiers. Later, the throne became known as Takht-e-Babri. It remains in Kallar Kahar and serves as a renowned tourist destination. Bagh-e-Safa is a supposedly Babar-planted garden. Babar described Kallar Kahar as a "charming spot with good air" and a site of natural beauty.

Kohinoor Commercial Area in Faisalabad

Kohinoor Commercial Area Faisalabad

Almost all of the well-known brands are located in this plaza. Everything from shoes to clothing to toys can be found here. There is also a cinema in this plaza. Almost all of the popular fast-food restaurants have locations here. Kohinoor Plaza is home to Ittihad, Khaadi, Gul Ahmed, Limelight, Sapphire, and Maria B. There is also a large parking lot here. In fact, this is a great place to bring your children and family. In fact, this is a good place to bring your kids and family here.

Hanna Lake  in Ziarat

Hanna Lake Ziarat

This is another highly popular tourist destination in Balochistan and is more often known as Hanna Lake. It is located more than 100 kilometers away from Ziarat valley and is only a few minutes drive away from the city of Quetta. The building of a reservoir during the time of British colonial rule resulted in the establishment of this stunning body of water, which is known to the locals as Hanna Jheel. There is a lakeside restaurant by the name of Hanna Lake Restaurant, where you may take in the breathtaking panoramas of the water while sitting in the cool shade provided by pine trees.

Baltistan Wildlife Sanctuary in Skardu

Baltistan Wildlife Sanctuary Skardu
Gilgit Baltistan

The Baltistan Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the Skardu District, south of the Indus River, between the settlements of Rondu and Shengus, adjacent to the Astore Wildlife Sanctuary to the south and east. This protected area was established in 1975 with the goal of saving the endangered species that occupy the park, some of which are the snow leopard, brown bear, lynx, Tibetan wolf, Tibetan sand fox, markhor, bharal, and Siberian ibex. All of these endangered animals may be found in this park.

Shahi Hammam in Lahore

Shahi Hammam Lahore

Also known as the “Wazir Khan Hammam”, is a Persian-style bath that was built in Lahore, in 1635 C.E. during the reign of Emperor Shah Jahan. The hammam included three sections: the Jama khana (dressing area), the garm (hot baths), and the nim garm (warm baths). The baths were separated by gender and included a welcome area and a tiny prayer room. The Shahi Hammam is Lahore's oldest surviving Mughal hammam.

Mubarak Haveli in Lahore

Mubarak Haveli Lahore

This is one of Lahore’s oldest and historically fascinating Havelis. Getting permission to visit this location is quite difficult. Because the haveli now turned into Imam-Bargah. There is the threat of bomb blast so the owners are over-cautious particularly for tourists). The Mughal art and culture are reflected in the haveli's architectural style. The courtyards' large and broad wooden doors and pillars are a manifestation of past glory. The kankar limestone works illustrate the Mughals' and Sikhs' devotion to art and traditional culture, as well as their diversity.

Shrine Of Peer Moosaniani Bela in Lasbela

Shrine Of Peer Moosaniani Bela Lasbela

Peer Sher's full name was Qutubuddin Shah Jeelani, but he was also known as Ghazi Deen and Pir Sher. Peer Sher was a religious leader. The Tomb, also known as the Dargah, may be found in the neighborhood of Peer Sher, which lies on the eastern edge of the city of Larkana. Peer Sher was born in Rani pur, which is also where his father, Pir Sayed Abdul Raheem Shah, was living at the time. After moving from Ranipur to Larkana in 1837, he initially stayed in the Khalid township, which is a suburb of Larkana. However, he went on to create his own settlement, which is now known as "Pir Sher village," which is located three kilometers away from Larkana.

Air Safari in Lahore

Air Safari Lahore

Air Safaris Limited was formed on 26 November 1959 equipped with four-engined Handley Page Hermes and twin-engined Vickers Viking airliners to operate scheduled and charter flights based at London Gatwick Airport. Originally started as Meredith Air Transport in 1952 as a Dakota operator it changed name in November 1954 to African Air Safaris Limited and in 1956 bought a Handley Page Hermes from the British Overseas Airways Corporation. It acquired two Vikings in 1959 and with a move to Gatwick Airport became Air Safaris. In 1960 the company acquired the transport division of Don Everall Aviation with its scheduled flights from Birmingham Airport and one Viking aircraft. The airline opened an operating and maintenance base at Hurn Airport in 1961.

Skardu valley in Gilgit

Skardu valley Gilgit
Gilgit Baltistan

Through this valley, you can get to some of the world's highest mountains, like K2, K3, and Gasherbrum. Thousands of climbers from all over the world come to these tall mountains every year. Some have even died trying to reach the top of these steep climbs. Along the seven-hour journey, travelers are greeted with several streams and springs, in addition to the warmth and friendliness of the residents of the area. Of course, Skardu is most well-known for its lakes, specifically Satpara and Kachura; but, the Shigar and Skardu Fort complex is the most prominent location in the entire city.

Sialkot Clock Tower in Sialkot

Sialkot Clock Tower Sialkot

The Sialkot Clock Tower (Urdu: سیالکوٹ گھنٹہ گھر) also known as Iqbal Square (Urdu: اقبال سکوئر), is situated in Saddar Bazar, Sialkot Cantonment, Pakistan. Standing tall for more than a century, the tower would have been witness to many a time of upheaval and change. It has been renovated many times but the original structure has not changed much. There used to be a Hindu temple, right next to it; but it was torn down during 1992 riots in reaction to the dismantling of Babri Masjid in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Fareed Gate in Bahawalpur

Fareed Gate Bahawalpur

Bahawalpur was historically a walled city with seven gates, and Farid Gate is one of the only gates that is still standing. It is one of the major landmarks of the city. Conservation efforts are underway to preserve it and the surrounding areas to their former glory. Now you can buy everything regarding your daily life uses, from the Fareed gate. The food street is also present in the entering of the Gate and most probably available at night. So you have to go there and make your time most rememberable.